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Crafts Tips

When it comes to Crafts, we've been there, done that, now serving 3 tips in 2 categories ranging from Bead Crochet to Cro Tatting.

Can I use my regular crochet hook to cro tat with ?


You will need a Cro Tatting or Bullion crochet hook. They can be double sided (hook on each end) and slim. The throat and shank of the hook are even, looks similar to an Afghan/Tunisian or Double ended hooks except smaller.

What size thread or beads do I need ?

Thread Size/Bead Size

Make sure your desired beads will fit onto your desired thread. Size 11 beads will fit up to size 10 thread. I recommend using size 11 beads for bead crochet as anything smaller would make it difficult to crochet.

What type of Beads should I start with for Crochet ?

How to buy Beads for Crochet

Whenever possible buy a "Hank" of beads. They are pre-strung and always your best bargain. This makes it easy to get them onto your thread.

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